Aabishkar Wagle

Hi 👋, I am Aabishkar Wagle – a dedicated and results-driven Software Engineer with over 6 years of experience. My passion for developing effective software solutions that drive business productivity has led to a strong track record of success. With a hands-on approach to my work, I am skilled in all phases of the software development life cycle. From ideation to deployment, I have the expertise to deliver high-quality work that meets the needs of my clients.

I am proficient at coordinating with teams of all sizes, from small groups to large-scale projects. I have worked with senior managers as well as guided interns, demonstrating my ability to collaborate effectively across all levels of an organization. My strong communication skills enable me to clearly convey technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, facilitating seamless project execution.

My commitment to clean code, best practices in testing, integration, and deployment, and design patterns is unwavering. By prioritizing these principles, I ensure that the software solutions I deliver are of the highest quality and meet the business needs of my clients.

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